Reception: Snow day!

Bore da Reception!
It was a big surprise to wake up to a blanket of snow this morning! How exciting for you all. 
We hope you have some fun outside exploring the season! Can you make a snowman, a snowball or even a snow angel? Make sure you wrap up nice and warm. 
Listen to this story about going on a Winter Walk. Can you join in with the story language (it is very like ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’)?

Can you make a picture about your snowy day? Try and write some 
some wintry words to go with your picture using the  ‘I am……’ or ‘It is…….’ sentence starter.  

If we were in school, we would be doing some phonics this morning. We are working on sounding out 3 letter consonant, vowel, consonant, words at the moment. Can you have a go and see if you can do this game to blend the sounds?
Balloon Phonics is a phonics reading game for young children who are learning their letter sounds and it can help them with blending sounds and segmenting words. It focuses on three letter (cvc) words.

Maybe you can take your phonics outside and have a go at writing some letters or simple words in the snow! Find a stick to be your pen or use your finger!
Winter Maths
Play a winter game of counting – for this you will need some ‘Snowballs’. You could do this outside with real snow balls or inside with some pretend balls (scrunch up pieces of paper or turn some socks inside out). 
Find a container (bin, laundry basket) and enjoy throwing your snowballs to land in the container. You can keep a tally or write the number of balls you managed to get on target. If you are playing with someone else, see who gets the highest number in!
You can have a go at making a virtual snowman and count/ sing along with this snowman online game too. 
Bird Feeder

Its important to look after our feathered friends in this cold snap as they wont be able to peck into the ground for worms. Here are some ideas to made a simple bird feeder that you could put out in your garden to help them. You dont have to use bird seed, you can use things you have at home like cheerios or bread scraps/ rice/ fruit/ peanut butter. 


32 Homemade Bird Feeders To Make With Kids This Winter

Winter work out!
If you have been playing outside and need to warm up, try out this Winter workout! 
Even though it’s cold outside, you can \”Warm Up\” with our CCE FIT CLUB!

Finally, have a lovely day in the snow everyone. Its not often we have snow so get outside and enjoy it and stay safe. If you have any queries about your work, please email the school at [email protected] 
and I will get back to you. 
Mrs. Phoenix