Reception: Reading books

We have been super impressed with all your reading lately. 📖📚Thank you for returning your home reading books on time. Reading at home together really helps to give your child a great head start in school.🦉
The books I will be sending home now are ones which contain words that can be ‘sounded out’ and also some tricky words like ‘I’ and ‘the’ ( tricky words cannot be sounded out). 
I have attached a short video below to briefly show what ‘sounding out’ whilst sharing a book might look like, to help you do this at home too.
 It’s where we say the phonic sounds (not the letter names) and then blend the sounds together to make a word. 
We are also working on pointing to each word with our finger as we read it. Using picture clues is also a big part of helping your child make sense of what they are reading, so please have fun talking about the pictures to help your child’s understanding too. 

 I have sent a pack of phonic sounds for you to keep at home and practice. Children can colour these if they wish too. We sing the Jolly Phonics songs to match each sound. These can be found on YouTube too. 
If you have any questions about reading and phonics, please don’t hesitate to come and speak to me. 
Happy Reading!📚🦉
Many thanks for your support, 
Mrs. Phoenix