Reception: Happy Summer!

Dear Reception Class 2019/20, 
We are so proud we were your teachers, 
We watched you learn and grow, 
You worked so hard and had such fun, 
how fast the time did go!
Our year was interrupted, 
and it seemed too soon to part, 
Just know that you will always have a special
place within our hearts!
We hope you have enjoyed all the web activities we have been providing. 
We have really missed seeing you face to face but hope you have still been able to learn lots and have fun, whilst staying safe. 
Today we would love you to have a Teddy Bears picnic, as this is what we would have been doing if we were in  school, to celebrate you being such good children during your first year as full time pupils at St. Mary’s. 
Enjoy your summer holidays and keep smiling and trying your best, 
We cant wait to see you all in September, 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Probin, Miss Maymond and Mrs. Broadhurst