Reception: Goodbye!

Well, the final day is over, the classroom is now quiet of all the chatter and laughter. We have been so privileged to be your teachers. Here is a final goodbye poem to wish you loads of luck on your way to Year 1……
‘’ We’re glad we were your teachers, 
We’ve come to love you so, 
We can’t believe the end is here, 
We hate to see you go.
We’ve wiped your tears and made you smile, 
You’ve done the same to us.
Making the most of everyday, 
You gave us such a buzz.
We’ve made some awesome memories, 
To send you out the door,
We know that you will flourish now, 
With wonderful things in store.
Remember all the fun we had, 
We will try not to be sad, 
Reception Class you are amazing,
The Best we have ever had!’’
Thank you for all the gorgeous cards, vouchers, flowers, presents and chocolates. We are overwhelmed by all our things and have been truly spoilt! 🥰We are such lucky teachers to work with such amazing children and parents. Have a wonderful summer all. 
Lots of love, 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Broadhurst, Miss Maymond, Mrs. Probin and Mr. Hall. Xxxxxxx