Reception: Firework Fun!

E7D05EE5-8849-48B7-8ACA-0A0802585633.jpe314A9A90-BF06-4E3A-AB72-34D5BEF6E59B.jpeC2C01BC8-A5FF-44AB-B314-EEF6D613227F.jpe822186B9-4E0B-4ED3-AA8C-35C6CFF89442.jpeThis week we have had lots of fun learning all about Bonfire Night. We know all about how to stay safe and look after ourselves on Bonfire Night.
We have loved learning a poem called ‘Crick Crack’ and using the instruments to make firework sounds. Perhaps you can perform it at home too using the actions! 
We also made colourful paintings and wax drawings of fireworks, and rockets using the letters in our name.
We made edible sparklers to eat for our snack and made a pretend campfire in Welly Wednesday. We even had hotdogs too! It’s been so much fun! 
Next week, we are looking forward to finding out about Poppy Day and why we wear poppies. 
Next Friday will be Pudsey Day so don’t forget to come dressed in yellow or with spots! 
Well done for working hard all week, you are all superstars! 
Mrs. Phoenix, Mrs. Probin, Mrs. Broadhurst, Miss Maymond and Mr. Hall