Nusery/Reception: More Seaside fun

Bore da Pawb,😁
Hope you all have had a good weekend and have enjoyed some of the seaside activities.
Here are a few more for you to try out.😎


Listen to the story of Billy’s Bucket on the links below                                                                                    
Have you got a bucket?
 What can you see in yours?
Take your bucket to other members of your family can they tell you what they can see in the bucket?
Can you draw what’s in your bucket? 😳
Use the template or try to draw your own .
Can you collect as many buckets as you can?
Turn them over to make a drum kit, use a stick to beat them with and sing Billy’s Bucket song to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus
There’s a crab in Billy’s Bucket 
nip nip nip, nip nip nip, nip nip nip.
There’s a crab in Billy’s Bucket
nip nip nip.
What can you see?
There’s a shark in Billy’s Bucket 
snap snap snap.
There’s a stingray in Billy’s bucket
swish swish swish.
There’s a submarine in Billy’s bucket
bleep bleep bleep.

There’s sea lion’s in Billy’s bucket
clap clap clap, .

There’s dolphins in Billy’s bucket
squeak squeak squeak.

There’s a whale in Billy’s bucket
whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

Enjoy the story its one of Mrs Jones favourite books.
Have fun. Missing you all.
Mrs Phoenix and Mrs Jones 😍