Nursery: Weekly roundup.

It was lovely to speak to everyone during parents’ evenings even though it was by phone it was nice to catch up. Thank you.
Nursery has had another busy week, a first visit to Reception to view the frog spawn and listen to a song to help us remember all the stages the tadpole goes through to become a frog.
We have enjoyed being outside in the Spring sunshine, had fun in the Forest school looking for circles, PE time outside, and the children looked super all dressed in red for Red Nose Day, we made biscuits and coloured a love monster.
Mrs McCaffrey took the children to visit the Prayer stations in the Hall, she said they were so well behaved. Da iawn Nursery.
Next week we will be finding out all about our Mum’s, celebrating all the things that they do for us, practicing our writing on a card, making them a small gift and hopefully enjoying more of the Spring sunshine.
Have a lovely weekend 
Mrs Jones, Mrs Probin, Miss Scott and Mrs Butterton.