Nursery: update for today

Morning Nursery
I hope you are all keeping safe and warm on this snowy morning!
It would be lovely if you could choose some activities to do this morning and bring in or tell us what you have been doing when we see you back in school. You could:
  • Look for footprints in the snow. Can you see where people have been walking? Can you spot any other prints? Maybe from a dog, a bird or a cat? Can you make footprints too? Make a trail of footprints for someone to follow.
  • Have you ever thought of painting the snow? Fill some water spray bottles with cold water and a few drops of food colouring and see what colourful creations you can make in the snow!
  • We have been looking at signs of Spring this week (although there aren’t many today!). You could think of your favourite sign of Spring e.g. flowers, lamb, bee, baby chick etc and draw, paint or even make it out of craft.
  • Can you make a snowman? You could write your name with your finger or a stick in the snow or even just make patterns. Can you find stones for buttons and count them?

  • Collect some snow in a pot and bring in inside – can you watch it and talk about what happens?
  • Birds find it really hard to find food when it snows. Can you make a bird feeder by threading hooped cereals onto some string or a pipe cleaner? Hang it in your garden or outside a window for the birds to enjoy on this snowy day.
  • Here is a link to ‘How to draw a snowman’ on youtube

Take care everyone and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon.

  • Mrs. Golby, Mrs. McCaffrey and Mrs. Edwards