Nursery /Reception: Wednesday Challenges

   Bore da pawb!
We are all missing you so much and hope you are keeping safe and  happy.
Here are some more activities to  keep you busy!                                                                 
 Maths Sock Challenge Grab an empty washing basket/ bucket/bowl/empty box and a pile of rolled up socks  pile.jpg.
Count how many you can throw into the container in 1 min – ask nicely if you could use a stopwatch on a phone /a cooking  timer /or a clock with a second hand. 
Keep count on your wipe board .  
Challenge yourself to move further away from the target or shorten the time. Challenge another person in your house  to beat you.
Make sure you have enough room.   NO CHEATING 😁

Circles ​This week is Circle week. Outside or inside, lookout for as many  circle shapes as you can find.
If you can follow the circle shape with your finger. Have they got any straight sides? Listen to the I’m a Circle Song

button.jpg      clock.jpg          sun.jpg          pizza.jpg             lollypop.jpg             dart.jpg          Mary-Berrys-iced-fairy-cakes-920x605-1.j