Nursery/ Reception: Sharing a shell!

Bore da pawb!
Hope you are all well and keeping busy!
Here are some more ideas for you to try based on this week’s story ‘Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson.
Here is a link to Julia Donaldson singing a song about this book – 
See if you can listen a few times and try to join in! 
On Monday, you had a go at counting sea objects. 
Now see if you could ADD sea creatures up and find how many altogether. 
You could even have a go at writing the matching addition sentence e.g. 2+ 1= 3. 
Use the sheet attached or you could have a go at drawing your own additions with a grown up. 
Imagine you had a magic shell! image.jpg
Draw what your shell looks like and make some colourful patterns on it. 
Try painting with your finger or a cotton bud, to make a nice pattern effect. 
If you could have one wish in your shell what would it be?
Can you draw or write about your wish? 

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Phoenix would probably wish for never ending chocolate and also to see all you lovely children in school again very soon, as we are missing you all too much! 
Finally, you could have a go at making an under the sea mobile. 
What sea creatures could you draw/ paint/ collage from the story? 
image-1.jpg       image-2.jpg
As always keep having fun and learning new things every day. 
Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Phoenix😊😊