Nursery/ Reception: Seaside Fun!

Bore da! 
Looks like another lovely day, so we hope you can get outside to enjoy it! 
Even though we cant get to the beach we can still imagine what it might be like there with all this lovely weather!
We are sure you still have lots of things left to enjoy on your Seaside grid but here are a few more ideas!
See if you can find a big box, laundry basket or a plastic tub that you can sit in and pretend its a boat. Practice your rowing skills using some tubes or kitchen utensils. Make a sail for your boat and decorate your boat!
Learn some songs about the sea to sing in your boat. Here are a few of our favourites!

Practice your numbers using a tube to print the correct number of ‘bubbles’ like in the photo below! You could print your numbers to 10 or try some additions by adding bubbles together!

You could also have a go at bubble painting! Put some washing up liquid, water and a squirt of paint in a bowl/cup. Use a straw to blow as many bubbles as you can (don’t it suck up!!). Then put a piece of paper on top of the bubbles and press down. The bubbles will make a lovely pattern on your paper!


As always, keep cool, keep smiling and have fun. 

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Phoenix image-44.jpg