Nursery/Reception: Pirates Ahoy!

Ahoy Me Hearties !Animated GIF
Arrrr! we enjoying your pirate activities here are a few more to keep you ship shape and happy.
Learn to talk like a pirate
Watch the Swashbuckle clip on youtube and learn to talk like a pirate.
What’s your Pirate name?
Ask a grown up to help up make up your own pirate name from the instructions.
Can you work out who these pirates are?
Mrs Rusty       Miss Stormy        Mrs Tiny2
Mrs Tiny          Mrs Jolly            Miss Sassy
You could add your name to your wanted poster or even make a new one !
​’Escape the Ship’
Indoors or Outdoors can you make and obsticle course to escape the ship from your enemy?
 you could:-
crawl along the deck
throw cannon balls at the enemy  ​(use rolled up news paper as cannon balls  Ask first!)
walk the plank
climb the rigging
Can you add anymore?

Shiver me timbers matey’s and stay safe, Animated GIF

Mrs Phoenix and Mrs Jones.