Nursery/ Reception: Pirate Learning

Shiver me timbers Pirate girls and boys, we hope you have had fun learning all about Pirates this week. 
Here are some more activities to keep you afloat!
  1. Look at the pictures and play ‘Pirate I Spy’. Count up how many of each object you can see and record your numbers!
2. Become a clever Pirate and find all the 2D shapes! Can you name them all and count them? Find some more in your house. Perhaps draw your own Pirate picture and see what shapes you can use in your picture for a grown up to find?
3. Have a go at counting all the treasure in the chest and adding some more! 
4. Learn this sea shanty and perform it with all the actions! 
Keep learning and having fun me hearties!
Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Phoenix