Nursery/ Reception: Happy learning!

Bore da Frindiau!
We hope you are all keeping well and happy and been enjoying half term in this lovely sunshine!
If we were in school, this would be your last half term in Nursery/ Reception and we would be having lots and lots of fun!
Please find attached some new and exciting activities based on ‘Pirates’. 
If you click on the ‘Pirate Tales’ pictures, it will take you to links to hear some fun stories to begin with.
Then see what you could try next…..perhaps you could make a pirate ship, design a flag or draw your very own Pirate? Links with more instructions can be found  by clicking on some of the pictures. Try to choose what activities you would like to do and don’t worry about completing all of them as there are lots!

Nursery children please don’t worry too much about the writing tasks included, but Reception you may be able to try and draw and label your pirate with words to describe them. Nursery you could talk about and describe your pirate to a grown up. 
Whatever you do, keep having fun and being happy.  

Remember if you need us at all, please email or telephone the school and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Keep smiling, we are missing you all so so much and cant wait to see you all soon, and hear all about what you have been up to. 
Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Phoenix, Miss Scott, Mrs. Probin, Miss Maymond and Mrs. Broadhurst 😊😊😊😊😊😊