Nursery/ Reception: Fun home learning

Bore da children!
We hope you are all still smiling and staying happy at home. 
Hopefully you still have lots of activities left on the ‘Dear Zoo’ activity grid, but here are a couple more to keep you busy! 

Count how many different shapes you can find in your house or out on your walk. Can you draw the shapes and write how many you saw next to them?

The weather has gone a little cooler today, so keep warm and get a paper and pen and have a go at drawing what you can see from your window. Can you see birds, trees, clouds, houses, people, dogs, cats? You could even have a go at writing labels for your picture too. 

Remember, the most important thing you can do at home is keep happy and please don’t worry about completing all the activities we say, they are just suggestions.

Keep smiling, 😊😊😊 Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Phoenix