Nursery: Our Last Week

Good evening, I hope everyone has had a good weekend enjoying the sunshine 🌞 I’m looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow 😊.

The children were so good last week, coping with lots of changes to our usual routines – helping look after the visiting new Nursery children, trying out our new swing, visiting Prayer stations and using hockey sticks and balls. Da 
iawn Nursery, Mrs Jones was so proud of you 😍.
This week we have come your last week in the Nursery class 😢, so we will be enjoying lots of our favourite songs, games, stories and activities. We will be sending books, any artwork and reports home this week.
There will be no PE on Thursday as we will be joining the rest of the school to watch the Y6 leaving service😢.
The weather forecast says it is going to be very hot 🥵 this week. Please make sure you have applied sunscreen before coming to school, remember your hat, and if you want to bring in a labelled filled water bottle you can, we can refill it during the morning, or you can help yourself to Nursery’s jug of water😉 and cups, we will be trying to keep as cool as possible.🥶
See you in the morning 
Mrs Jones😊MrsProbin😊Miss Scott😊