Nursery: Home Learning Week Commencing 18 January

Bore Da pawb – good morning everyone. 

I hope you are all ok are staying safe at home. 

I know that some of you have been making your own dough, making dinosaur prints in the blue dough, counting 1-10 on your pictures of your hands, making lots of pairs, counting and enjoying the Yeti from the story. 

I have made you a short video this week to help you to remember our Bore Da and Helpwr Heddiw routine and the story of Big Bear, Little Bear. Enjoy!  Click to watch the video: 

Polar Bear   

Draw around a grown up’s hand on white paper, then draw around your hand on white paper, then cut the shapes out and add the face and lines for paws then attach to sticks to make puppets for you to act out the Big Bear, Little Bear story. 

Foam Writing                 

Ask a grown up to spray shaving foam on to a tray or into a flat container then use you Peter Pointer finger to make shapes in the foam. 

Can you draw any number or letters? 

Tracing sheets 

Complete the pencil control sheets in the link below and/or ask a grown up to write your name using a capital letter to start for you to trace over and attempt to write any letters of your name independently. 

Don’t forget to use your quacky fingers to hold your pen/pencil.

‘Snowball throw’ 

Find a box/basket/ container, ask a grown up to turn five socks into balls for you stand on a line and try to throw the ‘snowballs’ into the basket. 

Keep a ‘tally’ on a piece of paper by making a mark every time you hit your target. 

As you get more successful move the throwing line further away, set a time limit, or challenge members of your family. 

Have a good week 

Mrs Jones, Mrs Probin, Miss Scott and Mr Hall.