Nursery: Happy Holiday

Congratulations Nursery you have made it through your first half term in school and what a super time we have had learning the routines, getting to know each other and the school 🏫.
This week there was Room on the Broom for us! We have learnt a song to sequence the story and act it out, made magic potions and wands to cast our made up spells, dressed up as witches and added something to the witches cauldron to make a spell for a new broom.
Unfortunately we couldn’t go to the Forest School this week but we made the most of the rain by listening carefully to the different sounds it made on different umbrellas ☂☔️.
This morning we had ‘mud and maggot’ cakes for snack and enjoyed watching the film of Room on the Broom.
Don’t forget to watch our Harvest songs on Google Classroom.
As the weather is getting colder maybe over the holiday you can practice putting your own coat on and collect some small cardboard boxes ready to model make when we come back after half term, we will be celebrating Bonfire Night with lots of noisy,creative activities.
Have a super holiday everyone,
Mrs Jones, 😁Miss Scott 😁and Mrs Butterton 😁