Nursery: First Week

We have had a great first week not only with the weather🌞 but at last being able to put a smiling face to the name 😊
All the children have settled well, enjoying the activities, smiling for their photographs ready for their coat pegs and Bocs Helpwr Heddiw, painting pictures of their faces for a class display, using the interactive board and saying prayers at the end of the morning.
Next week we will be learning to answer the register in Welsh, making pictures to put on our Birthday Train, continue to follow the routine and have our Individual School Photos taken on Friday when we are all in together.
Now we have met everyone and shown you the way into school the children can arrive between 8.45 – 8.55 with the rest of the school.
As soon as we have received everyone’s completed Starter packs, we can add photographs to the app. so you can see the activities the children are enjoying.
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Jones,😊 Mrs Probin😊 and Miss Scott😊