Nursery and Reception: Values Day

Bore Da Pawb 😊

We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. 🌞
This week we should have held our Honesty Value Day.
Honesty is being truthful in what we say and do and is important to how we all work together.
Honesty is the best policy – Benjamin Franklin
​Listen to the following stories and film extract on Youtube, then discuss the stories with a grown up.    – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Why didn’t the people come to help the boy?   – Pinocchio’s Lie
​Why did Pinocchio’s nose grow?7 –   Ruthie and the (not so) Teeny Tiny Lie  by Laura Rankin
​Why did Ruthie feel so happy at the end of the story?
Have a super half term, enjoy what ever you do but most of all Stay Safe 😍

Mrs Phoenix 😎and Mrs Jones😎