Year 4: Prayer Stations

Year 4 really enjoyed visiting the prayer stations this afternoon in the hall. Each station helped them focus on the importance of being kind, caring and compassionate. Pupils enjoyed writing kind messages for others, saying a prayer for different people and even experiencing how life would be like as a homeless person. Mr Steele

Reception: Happiness!

😍😍What makes us happy?😍😍 Today we have loved smiling, laughing and sharing what makes us feel happy every day. Watch out for our little books of happiness which are coming home so we can share them with you. We certainly all made Mrs. Phoenix smile when we were making them.

Friends of St Mary’s

If you have not had your copy of the Friends of St Mary’s race night flyer then please feel free to download a copy from the website and return this to school. Many thanks, Friends of St Mary’s ________________________________ race-day_2019-02-07_09-07-29_643023.pdf