Year 5: Week beginning 11 October

Pnawn da pawb. I was so impressed with your work last week in the role of Neil Armstrong.  I really enjoyed reading them.  This week, we will be continuing with … Read more

Nursery: This week

We have had a super week enjoying looking at the colour of Autumn leaves, learning a poem to help us remember them, collecting and counting conkers and making our own … Read more

Year 2: Weekly Overview

Year 2 have worked incredibly hard this week! We started off the week being sentence detectives and trying to fix the sentences that were missing capital letters and full stops. … Read more

Year 3: Next Week

Good afternoon! Next week pupils will be doing more work on ‘The Twits’, including sending an email and doing a role-play which includes freeze-frame. For our topic we are learning … Read more

Year 6: The week ahead

Da iawn Blwyddyn 6! You have been learning lots again this week. We have been particularly impressed with your ideas and enthusiasm for our topic Ein Byd.  Next week, we … Read more

Reception: World Mental Health Day!

Today is World Mental Health Day. 😁 We have enjoyed reading the story of ‘The Colour Monster’ and talking about our different feelings.  We made our own colourful monsters and … Read more

Reception: Weekly round up!

Da iawn Reception for a fantastic week in Reception. We have loved learning and playing with you this week.  We enjoyed the story of ‘A Cold, Dark Night’ and meeting … Read more

Year 3: Helper Heddiw fun

Today pupils had a very fun helpwr heddiw session! Having gone over the names for the different feelings in Welsh yesterday (hapus, bendigedig, etc) pupils played a game of snap. … Read more

Year 6: Prayer Planes

Earlier this week, we talked about how we can talk to God through prayer. We made paper planes and wrote prayers on them. Today, we launched our planes, thinking about … Read more

Year 4: flying our worries away

In worship this week we have been thinking about the importance of talking to God. We have also discussed mental health and why it is important to talk about our … Read more

Year 6: Working together

Yesterday, we carried out research in groups. We looked at: What causes pollution What causes Global Warming How to reduce pollution How to stop Global Warming The pupils are so … Read more

Year 1: Home reading

We will be sending reading diaries home today with some words to practise over the weekend. We will send them in the reading bookbags that we have got here. If … Read more

Year 5: Space Just Dance

As part of our topic, pupils made suggestions of what they would like to do.  One pupil suggested Space Just Dance, so after lunch every day we will be starting … Read more

Year 6: Sketching landscapes

We are enjoying the dry weather this afternoon! We are sketching local landscapes as part of our ‘Ein Byd’ topic. We have some budding entrepeneurs in our class, with pupils … Read more

Year 2: PE Reminder

Please remember to come dressed appropriately for outdoor PE tomorrow.  Diolch

Year 6: Pupil-led worship

We had a lovely worship in class this morning, led by some of our pupils. They showed such confidence and the class responded so well. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals #AmbitiousCapableLearners

Year 6: The four core purposes

We have been looking at the four core purposes of our New Curriculum. Mrs Booth asked us to help create characters for each of the four purposes. These characters will … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 4 October

Well done Blwyddyn 5 for all your hard work last week.  This week is World Space Week. We will carry on learning about the moon, including watching Apollo 11.  After … Read more

Year 2: Weekly Overview

This week we have created some beautiful pieces of Autumn art. We have painted some lovely trees and mixed our own colours. In maths we have continued with our addition … Read more