Year 6: Week beginning 3/2

This week, we will be conducting an investigation using parachutes in Science. In Maths, we will be recapping a few skills, including co-ordinates and negative numbers. It is Internet Safety week, so we will be talking about keeping safe online. We will be retelling the story of Macbeth as a storyboard. Mrs Hodkinson

Year 4: This week’s homework

This week we were listening to much composed by George Gershwin. Your homework is to research information about him. You can choose to present this research in the form of a Powerpoint, bullet points on paper/ laptop or even a poster. It’s completely up to you. Hand in date: Thursday 7th February

Year 2: Homework

Some of the children have created some lovely pieces of work so far. We have some rockets, space pictures and fact files. Please check what the children can do from the sheet sent home. There is also Maths activities on abacus for the children to complete.

Year 6: Week beginning 28/1

This week, we will be continuing with adjectives to describe the witches on the heath. We will use this then to write a paragraph. In Science, we will be conducting an investigation using springs. We will continue learning about the temple. In Maths, we will be dividing. Remember indoor kits, reading books and homework for … Read more…