Year 5: Making the planets

We are having a fun time this afternoon using papier mache to make the planets in our solar system.

Year 2: PE Reminder

Please remember to come suitably dressed for outdoor PE today.

Year 4: measuring temperature

Year 4 have been busy this afternoon , using thermometers to measure the temperature of water. We have left hot water, cool water and ice water out to see what … Read more

Year 6: Y6 COP26!

We worked in groups to prepare PowerPoints about different world issues, such as air pollution, climate change and different types of energy. We presented our PowerPoints to the class, imagining … Read more

Year 6: Class Worship

We had another lovely pupil-led worship this morning, thinking about All Saints Day and all people that make a difference in our lives.#HealthyConfidentIndividuals.

Year 2: Muddy Monday

Today during Muddy Monday, we went on the yard and created some Bonfire Night art with chalks. We had to work together to create a colourful piece.  #Enterprising,CreativeContributors

News: Parent’s Evenings

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions we have decided to hold parent’s evenings over the phone again in November.  The booking system is now available on our website.  This can be … Read more

Year 2: Monday Reminders

Bore da, we hope you have all had a wonderful half term break. Please remember to come dressed appropriately for Muddy Monday today (old, warm clothes and wellies). Also, please … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 1 November

Pnawn da pawb. I hope that you all have had a lovely half term.  This week, our Maths focus will be multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.  With … Read more

Year 4: the week ahead

Pnawn da! I hope that you have all had a lovely half term break. I am really looking forward to hearing your holiday newyddion during our Helpwr Heddiw sessions this … Read more

Nursery: Happy Holiday

Congratulations Nursery you have made it through your first half term in school and what a super time we have had learning the routines, getting to know each other and … Read more

Year 2: Weekly Overview

Well done Year 2! We have had a lovely first half term together in our new classroom and you have all settled in amazingly. We have worked extremely hard on … Read more

Year 6: Welcome back!

We hope that you have had a lovely week and are ready for your return to school tomorrow.  We will continue with our topic of ‘Ein Byd’ for the first … Read more

Year 6: A great first half term!

We are very proud of how well the pupils have settled back at school and how hard they have worked throughout this half term – they truly have earned a … Read more

Reception: Happy Half Term!

WELL DONE Reception for a wonderful first 7 weeks in our class. 🤩🤩🤩 What a busy time you have had settling into our new class and getting used to the … Read more

Year 3: A lovely last day

It’s been a great last day of the half term. Today pupils have been busy in maths doing multiplication sums from the x10 tables and the corresponding divisions. After break … Read more

Year 6: Secondary School Admissions

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for secondary school applications isFriday 5thNovember 2021.  Applications will need to be made before this date for applications to be considered on time. … Read more

Year 5: Homework

Our homework for half term is to design a planet.  You will need to draw it and then describe what it is like.  Full details of the task are on … Read more