Year 6: Pupil-led worship

We had a lovely worship in class this morning, led by some of our pupils. They showed such confidence and the class responded so well. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals #AmbitiousCapableLearners

Year 6: The four core purposes

We have been looking at the four core purposes of our New Curriculum. Mrs Booth asked us to help create characters for each of the four purposes. These characters will … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 4 October

Well done Blwyddyn 5 for all your hard work last week.  This week is World Space Week. We will carry on learning about the moon, including watching Apollo 11.  After … Read more

Year 2: Weekly Overview

This week we have created some beautiful pieces of Autumn art. We have painted some lovely trees and mixed our own colours. In maths we have continued with our addition … Read more

Year 6: The Week Ahead

Da iawn Blwyddyn 6 for another great week of learning. Your diary entries, imagining that you were in Crete at the time of this week’s earthquake were great! #EthicalInformedCitizens #EnterprisingCreativeContributors … Read more

Reception: Weekly round up!

Autumn has arrived this week in Reception.  We enjoyed going on lovely Autumn walk to start our topic off. We saw lots of colourful things and made our own story … Read more

Year 4: weekly roundup and next week

We have had such a busy week in Y4. We have mastered partitioning 4 digit numbers and we have been ordering them from smallest to largest. We went completely off … Read more

Nursery: This week

We have had another busy week, enjoying lots of activities and getting to know each other. We have started our topic of Autumn by reading the Leaf Man and We’re … Read more

Year 4: Pupil Power

Our theme for worship this week is caring for God’s World and recycling. This morning a pupil expressed her concern that we are not recycling the plastic milk bottles. We … Read more

Year 5: Mars Rover Mission

Our Mars Rover has set out next mission for us, to find out about the moon. We have been working hard today learning about the phases of the moon and … Read more

Year 2: PE fun

Today we had lots of giggles in PE. We had to work together to pass the hula hoop around the group without using our hands.  This resulted in lots of … Read more

Year 1: Maths

We had fun playing a counting game in the maths area today. They listened carefully, followed instructions and counted accurately. #AmbitiousCapableLearners

Nursery: Reception Applications

The admission round for Reception September 2022 is now open.  Please log onto to complete your online application before 19th November 2022.

Year 4: Digital Collaboration

Today we have worked collaboratively to add to a Google Jamboard. We shared our ideas about Edmund from Narnia. We will use these ideas tomorrow to write a character study … Read more

Year 2: PE Reminder

Please remember to come to school dressed appropriately for PE outdoors tomorrow.  Diolch Mrs Thomas 

Year 4: Absorbency investigation

Today we have continued to plan our investigation to find out which material is the most absorbent.  We have had to use our numeracy skills to decide what we will … Read more