Year 2: Spelling words

All children came home yesterday with an envelope of ‘superpower words’. These are words that can not be sounded out. What you choose to do with these words is entirely up to you. You can practice reading them, practise spelling them in your phonics book, see how many you can read in one minute etc. … Read more…

Year 4: Friday Fun

Today’s been a great day in Year 4. This morning we were revisiting the world of fractions. Specifically, equivalent fractions! Pupils were able to physically move the fraction blocks to help them understand the concept, helping them identify/ write down various different examples in their books. After lunch pupils finished their recounts of a memorable … Read more…

Year 1: Sock Request

Please could Year 1 children bring in a sock. It will be used to make a sock puppet so any design/colour is fine. Please send your sock in by Wednesday. Diolch Miss Hughes 

Year 1: Homework and Muddy Monday

This week Year 1 have worked brilliantly. We have been learning about our superhero senses, the alphabet with capital letters, one more and one less and today we finished off by learning about Santes Dwynwen. Homework this week is their reading book and there is a game on Abacus active learn. There is also a … Read more…

Year 3: Marble jar treat

We will be having a pyjama party as a reward for filling our marble jar, this Friday 24th. Pupils will need to bring pyjamas in a carrier bag. They will change into them at lunch time and come home in them. Thank you and da iawn blwyddyn 3!

News: Mother’s Day Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

There is a letter going home today (tomorrow for Nursery) regarding the ‘Draw Your Mum’ supplement in The Wrexham Leader.  It is vital that the permission slip is returned to school by Monday in order for your child to take part.  The letter is also available to download here. Mothers-Day-GDPR.pdf

Nursery: Winter!

We started the New Year by looking at the season of winter, finding out about animals that live in the snow, looking for signs of Jack Frost, bird watching and making bird feeders, playing Olaf’s snowball game, making and melting ice, building snowmen from dough, decorating snowmen on the interactive board. We won the weekly … Read more…