News: Well done to the Criw Addoli!

Our prayer stations on the theme of thankfulness have all been packed away now ready for Christmas. They were planned and set up by our fantastic Ethos Committee (Criw Addoli) who did an excellent job.
It is a really important part of our school life and every class went down to the hall where they were set up, to have an opportunity to take part.
Here is some feedback from some of the children to show how much they gained from it.
As soon as I got into the prayer room it was quiet which made me really happy.’
‘Making the thankfulness bracelets made me feel happy because it was nice and calming.’
‘I enjoyed the playdough station because I got to play with it and it made me thankful for everything.’
‘I liked the rainbow one, it made me feel happy inside and out.’
‘I loved being in the tent doing the breathing techniques because it made me stop and think and look around me. I was very relaxed and wish I could do that day again.’

We look forward to next term where our prayer stations will be on the theme of compassion.