News: Well done to the Criw Addoli!

Well done to the Criw Addoli (our Ethos Committee) who did a brilliant job planning and running our prayer space on the theme of one of our school values, compassion. They set the hall up with different reflective activities and every class has now spent some time there in the lovely peaceful atmosphere they created. We had a gazebo full of prayers written on angels, a globe covered with prayers for our world, a wall of hexagons with our promises of how we will show compassion, and pom-pom feet with positive ‘I am’  statements to show compassion to ourselves. Other popular activities were using kinetic sand to think about forgiveness and writing our questions for God.
Here’s what some of the children said after visiting the prayer activities:
I liked the sand because it slid through your fingers and was relaxing and gives everyone a chance of letting their sadness go away and to be calm.’
‘I liked the one where we drew how we will show compassion and be kind to one another, it made me feel fantastic!’
‘I liked writing on the globe, I felt really relaxed and peaceful.’
Well done to all the children for their super behaviour and mature reflections!