News: Sports Day

Good morning,
Apologies that we have had to move Sports Day inside today.  We left making the decision until this morning, hoping the weather would be suitable. We are very aware that this is the first opportunity for the pupils to have a sports day in recent years, so didn’t want to make a decision too early.
The calendar is very busy for this last three weeks of term as we are now able to take the children on trips, have transition and mix with other classes.  Classes were planning to visit the Prayer Stations on Friday which are in the hall. Year 3 were due to have their marble jar reward this Friday also. This morning, we have managed to move these events  meaning that we can offer a second date for Sports Day on Friday.  Of course, this will still be weather depending and should the weather be unsuitable again, we will have no other option than to hold activities in the hall. The children will still be doing sports activities in the hall today too as previously planned. 
Thank you so much for your cooperation and we look forward to better weather on Friday.