Dear Key Worker Parents
As you can imagine advice is changing often.  We have received further guidance from the Director of Education for Wrexham, which I have attached to this update.  Many of you have contacted the school, explaining you are on the “key worker” list, which is resulting in a number of pupils potentially attending school on Monday.  Please note that the cut off point was 1pm today so we can not accept any more emails regarding key workers.  I would like to express again, the Government have closed schools to encourage social distancing.  If you are able to organise childcare for your child, please do so and use school as a very last resort.  If children can stay safely in their home, they should, to limit the chance of a virus spreading.

We have a list of pupils whose parents have emailed in, we will be open to those pupils only on Monday.  No other pupils will be accepted.  

We will open normal times, which will include breakfast club.  School will finish at the usual times too, nursery pupils will need collecting at 11.30am, foundation phase pupils 3.00pm and Key stage 2 pupils 3.15pm.  If nursery parents wish to access Happy Hands, this is something you will need to do directly.  Currently, school dinners will be served if you wish to purchase one.  The cost of a dinner is £2.40 per day.  Please send your child with a snack, even if in Nursery or Reception as staff are struggling to purchase large amounts of healthy snacks.

All pupils will access and leave the school through Breakfast club doors.  You will need to send your child with the home school pack, they are not expected to wear uniform and I will remind parents that the provision is childcare only.

We will obviously keep you updated as we receive further information.  If you have emailed the school expressing a wish for your child to attend school on Monday due to you being a key worker and change your mind, or have been able to organise alternative childcare, please email the school on Monday.

Many thanks

Mrs Booth

St Marys CIW VA School

Ruabon, LL14 6LE

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