News: Garden refresh!

It’s that time of year again when we look to refresh our school outdoor areas and garden for the children to enjoy.
 St. Mary’s School Council pupils need your help! 🌳🌻🍄🌱
 We are looking for any of the following items which you may have at home to donate to us. Maybe you could collect some things from the list if you are out and about in nature over the holidays! 
Please bring anything to school after the Easter break and pass to Mrs. Thomas Year 2, for the School Council pupils to organise. 
🌱Old metal pots and pans
🌱Kitchen utensils
🌱Baking trays
🌱Pine cones
🌱Logs (big and small!) 
🌱Plant pots
🌱Small pebbles/gravel
🌱Waterproof Bunting
🌱Bird boxes
🌱Small tyres 
🌱Old wellies
🌱Outdoor paint
If there are any parents who have any carpentry skills too please come and speak to us about a Mud kitchen and a bug hotel we are hoping to build!