News: Friends of St Mary’s

**New Chairperson needed **

We are look for a new person to Chair the Friends of St Mary’s group.  Our current Chair has been in place for six years and soon her children will leave the school so she will be stepping down.  The new Chair will have to build a good relationship with the school as all activities have to be agreed by the school.  We usually host 6/7 events a year but, post covid and due to financial situations, this has changed but we hope that it will soon be back up to a similar number of events.  The current Chair will be able to assist for the next school year, giving plenty of time to settle into the role if required.
We will also need a Deputy Chair as our current Deputy will also be standing down in 12 months but again will be there to help guide new members.
Please feel free to send a message to our Facebook page or come and see us on the yard.
Many thanks
Friends of St Mary’s