News: Drop off and Collection Information Update

Thank you so much to those parents who’s children have already returned to school. We really appreciate your patience whilst we try to ensure everyone is safe during “drop off” and “collection”.  We review our systems daily and may need to change them as need arises. If this is the case we will text to inform you.
Please can I ask:
Foundation Phase parents -please ensure that you are on the designated collection yard by 2.50pm, ready waiting for your child to be dismissed at 2.55pm. This is essential for our system to work. Once you have collected your child, please leave immediately via the back gate onto the field. We need parents to move from the yards quickly in order for us to then invite the key stage 2 parents onto the yard.
Key Stage Two parents – please do not come onto the site before 3.10pm. Please ensure you are standing on the designated yard by 3.15pm at the latest. Again, we require parents to collect their child quickly and leave immediately through the back gate onto the field.
Drop off for all pupils seems to be working, please ensure if your child has a sandwich box or water bottle for example, they are carrying these themselves so staff do not have to take them from parents.
A reminder, if you have siblings in the same key stage, they will be coming out of school with the youngest child.
Thank you again for your patience, we will get there with everyone working together.