Mrs Perrins: Building confidence/ self esteem

Year 4 and 5 are brilliant at this (I know because I have seen them do this activity) I am sure the rest of you are great at it too. When others compliment you it is a great boost for your confidence and you seem to stand a little taller, knowing that people have noticed your best qualities. Try it out with family that you live with at home. Everyone writes their name on the top of an A4 piece of paper, ask someone to sellotape it to your back, then ask people to write down a compliment about you. Then you write the same for others. Remember positive speak only and then take off your poster and read what others have written about you. I guarantee it will make you smile 😊 I was so proud of mine that I kept one copy in school and one on my fridge door at home. I have included Izzy’s poster (my daughters) that we did at home recently. Just like Peter Pan – think happy thoughts 😃 💭