Home learning 8th June- Minibeast

Bore da!
If we were in school then we would be starting our Minibeast topic now. I love this topic and it is always a favourite with Year 2. I will share some of the tasks that we would be doing in school with you to have a go at home. This topic is perfect for the lovely weather we have been having as it has plenty of opportunities to get outside 🙂 
I have attached an optional ‘homework’ grid with lots of different, fun minibeast themed activities that you can do. Remember none of these are compulsory but they are fun to do! 
1) Have a good look at the photographs of the minbeasts that are attached to this post. Can you sort them into the Carroll diagram depending on how many legs they have and whether or not they have a shell? (also available on Google Classroom)

2)  Mad About Minibeasts by Giles Andreas and David Wojtowycz
Follow the link to hear the story read aloud https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SW-7MgHEZOE
Can you identify as many pairs of rhyming words as possible?
Also available on Google Classroom
3) Create your own minibeast art in the style of Henri Matisse
image-16.jpg image-19.jpg
The Snail is a collage by Henri Matisse. The work was created using coloured paper which was cut or ripped and pasted onto a base layer of white paper

Ideas: image-17.jpg image-18.jpg

Add them to the post on the Stream on Google Classroom for everyone to see 🙂 
4) Maths- think back to the work that you did on fractions last week. Can you use what you learned to complete questions on the sheet? 

Have a good start to the week.

Mrs Williams