Year 6: Weekly round-up/The week ahead

Pupils have enjoyed using their ICT skills to find and present information this week. They have been producing biographies of famous people that are campaigning to help our planet, such … Read more

Year 6: Y6 COP26!

We worked in groups to prepare PowerPoints about different world issues, such as air pollution, climate change and different types of energy. We presented our PowerPoints to the class, imagining … Read more

Year 6: Class Worship

We had another lovely pupil-led worship this morning, thinking about All Saints Day and all people that make a difference in our lives.#HealthyConfidentIndividuals.

Year 6: Welcome back!

We hope that you have had a lovely week and are ready for your return to school tomorrow.  We will continue with our topic of ‘Ein Byd’ for the first … Read more

Year 6: A great first half term!

We are very proud of how well the pupils have settled back at school and how hard they have worked throughout this half term – they truly have earned a … Read more

Year 6: Secondary School Admissions

Just a quick reminder that the deadline for secondary school applications isFriday 5thNovember 2021.  Applications will need to be made before this date for applications to be considered on time. … Read more

Year 6: Prayer Stations

We had a peaceful afternoon visiting the Prayer Stations, set up by our wonderful Criw Addoli.  #HealthyConfidentIndividuals

Year 6: Visit to Ysgol Rhiwabon

We really enjoyed our visit to Ysgol Rhiwabon. The staff were so impressed with our confidence and behaviour. We enjoyed making medieval oat biscuits.  #HealthyConfidentIndividuals

Year 6: Reminder

Just a reminder that Year 6 pupils will need to come dressed in full uniform for our visit to Ysgol Rhiwabon tomorrow. They can come to school dressed in PE … Read more

Year 6: Ethical Informed Citizens!

Pupils have been working hard on their leaflets this week. The purpose is to inform and educate others about the importance of recycling. The pupils decided that they wanted their … Read more

Year 6: Worship

We enjoyed another pupil-led worship in class yesterday, on the theme of Harvest. Today, we have written prayers on cereal boxes, giving thanks for all of the wonderful food that … Read more

Year 6: Values Day – Thankfulness

Today, we have been thinking about the Christian value of Thankfulness. Pupils have made Thank You cards throughout the week. They have made pouches with gratitude stones and all wrote … Read more

Year 6: Our Community Project

As part of our ‘Ein Byd’ topic, we have been discussing our local community and the issues that we have noticed e.g litter, anti-social behaviour. The pupils made posters, that … Read more

Year 6: Class Worship

We enjoyed another pupil-led worship this morning. The group asked us to reflect on the things that we are thankful for and to give thanks to God #HealthyConfidentIndividuals. 

Year 6: The week ahead

Da iawn Blwyddyn 6! You have been learning lots again this week. We have been particularly impressed with your ideas and enthusiasm for our topic Ein Byd.  Next week, we … Read more

Year 6: Prayer Planes

Earlier this week, we talked about how we can talk to God through prayer. We made paper planes and wrote prayers on them. Today, we launched our planes, thinking about … Read more

Year 6: Working together

Yesterday, we carried out research in groups. We looked at: What causes pollution What causes Global Warming How to reduce pollution How to stop Global Warming The pupils are so … Read more

Year 6: Sketching landscapes

We are enjoying the dry weather this afternoon! We are sketching local landscapes as part of our ‘Ein Byd’ topic. We have some budding entrepeneurs in our class, with pupils … Read more

Year 6: Pupil-led worship

We had a lovely worship in class this morning, led by some of our pupils. They showed such confidence and the class responded so well. #HealthyConfidentIndividuals #AmbitiousCapableLearners