Year 5: Week beginning 25/4

Pnawn da pawb. I hope that you all have had a good Easter holiday.  Our Maths focus for the week is compass directions and dividing a 3-digit number by a … Read more

Year 5: Easter fun

We have made Easter cards, done Easter maths and even had  Easter themed P.E.  We enjoyed our Easter egg hunt too!

Year 5: Full marble jar

Well done blwyddyn 5 for filling our marble jar. Our reward will be after Easter- pj’s and a film.

Year 5: 4 April

I hope that you have all enjoyed your weekend.  I was very impressed with everyone’s building with K’nex.  The last three groups will be finishing off their fairground rides.  We will … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 28 March

Pnawn da pawb! I hope everyone’s mums have had a lovely Mother’s Day.   As promised, we will be using K’Nex to make a fairground ride in groups.  I am really … Read more

Year 5: Victorian games

We have enjoyed playing Victorian games outside in the sunshine. We had great time!

Year 5: Victorian School

This morning, we travelled back in time to a Victorian school. We chanted our tables, used slate and practised our handwriting using a Victorian pens.  #enterprising and creative contributors

Year 5: Week beginning 21 March

Pnawn da pawb.  Well done everyone for working hard last week.  We have had another week of putting lots of marbles in our jar.  I was very impressed with your … Read more

Year 5: Prayer Stations

Today, we visited the prayer stations. We thought about how to be compassionate to others and ourselves.

Year 5: Week beginning 14/3

Pnawn da pawb! Everyone worked so hard last week.  We produced extended writing based on rich Victorians, wrote about ourselves in Welsh and found all the factors of numbers up … Read more

Year 5: Periscopes

Well done everyone for working hard on your periscopes. They look fantastic! We have been busy testing them today over the wall.

Year 5: Week beginning 7th March

Pnawn da pawb.    Last week, we worked hard on writing personal information in Welsh in pairs.  This week, we will be writing it individually.  Our maths focus for the week … Read more

Year 5: World Book Day

We have had a day filled with books!  We prepared ‘Dragon’s Den’ presentations to persuade others to read our favourite book. Also, we had to guess which book character we … Read more

Year 5: Week beginning 14 February

Pnawn da,  I hope that you are all enjoying your weekend.  I was very impressed with everyone’s maths work this week.  You are all becoming more confident – well done!  … Read more

Year 5: Electricity

This afternoon, we have been investigating what happens when we add more batteries.