Year 4: Holiday Planning

We have finished planning our holidays and our information packs are on display for others to see.  #AmbitiousCapableLearners #EnterprisingCreativeContributors #HealthyConfidentIndividuals 

Year 4: Extreme Weather

This afternoon we have started our research into extreme weather conditions. The pupils absolutely loved doing this and were so keen to find out more. One of particular interest was … Read more

Year 4: Weekly round up

Blwyddyn 4 have been super busy this week, creating leaflets, finishing stories, telling the time and learning about different climates. Next week we will continue to tell the time but … Read more

Year 4: Our week so far

We have had a lovely week so far. We have been busy practising telling the time and calculating durations in minutes. We have also been creating leaflets to advertise our … Read more

Year 4: Christmas Cards

If the pupils wish to bring in cards for their classmates this year then they are more than welcome to.  However, like the reading books we will need to ‘quarantine’ … Read more

Year 4: Weekly round up

Another fantastic week of effort and achievement, da iawn Blwyddyn 4! Next week we will be starting our work on time in maths, calculating durations. We will then move onto … Read more

Year 4: budgeting for a holiday

We have continued to plan our holidays this morning. Some of us were VERY shocked when we realised that we had spent the majority of our budget on luxury flights … Read more

Year 4: holiday budgeting

Today we have become travel advisors. We are working in groups to plan a holiday but stay within budget. We have to work out the cost of the flight, the … Read more

Year 4: Anti Bullying Week

In worship this week we have been focusing on helping others and celebrating anti bullying week.  We watched a video for the #OneKindWord and decided to make our own display … Read more

Year 4: Weekly round up

What another busy week we have had in Year 4! We have carried on mastering our times tables in maths and we finished the week using them to crack Pudsey’s … Read more

Year 4: Times Tables

Our maths work is currently all based around multiplications. We are doing multiplication and division, fractions of amounts and multiplication using the grid method. Pupils need to be confident with … Read more

Year 4: Sinister Substances

PC Kim visited us and talked to us about ‘sinister substances’. We learned about some drugs and alcohol, the effects it has on our body and the age limits associated … Read more

Year 4: giving compliments

This morning Mrs Perrins came in and worked with us. We spent some time thinking about what is special about each other. We then said these compliments to our friends … Read more

Year 4: Weekly round up

Year 4 have worked really hard this week, writing recounts, multiplying, labelling countries and capital cities and planning a science investigation. Next week we will continue to plan our investigation … Read more

Year 4: hard at work

Year 4 have been working extremely hard this morning. We have been multiplying using the grid method and we have written a recount of our day in the form of … Read more

Year 4: Remembrance Day

Yesterday we thought about the importance of Remembrance Day. We made Poppy’s and displayed them on our classroom window. We then said a prayer for all of the military personnel, … Read more

Year 4: Weekly update

Year 4 have worked really hard again this week. We have learned all sorts of new things, we especially enjoyed investigating numbers in the 9 times tables and finding rules … Read more

Year 4: Thank you

Thank you for all of the photographs that were sent in today, we have had a lovely afternoon sharing where we have been. We then wrote a brief travel report … Read more

Year 4: measuring temperature

Year 4 have been busy this afternoon , using thermometers to measure the temperature of water. We have left hot water, cool water and ice water out to see what … Read more