Year 3: Ruabon Walk Info

Apologies! Due to staff shortages the planned walk around Ruabon could not take place today. I will of course let you know when I have a new date to go. … Read more

Year 3: Walk around Ruabon on Tuesday

Dear parents/ guardians, On Tuesday pupils will be going for a walk around Ruabon as part of our new topic: ‘Our local area’. Pupils will be wearing high visibility jackets … Read more

Year 3: Welsh poetry

Pupils have had another lovely day. This afternoon their focus task was to minimal what makes Wales such a special country and to then write a poem about Wales. Great … Read more

Year 3: Atlas Work

Pupils had had a great day, learning more about their local area. One of the activities involved pupils searching for both Wales and Wrexham in an atlas, using this to label … Read more

Year 3: Topic Launch

Good morning! Today marked the start of our new topic: ‘Our Local Area’. When Mr Steele arrived into school this morning, he received a letter from Mrs Humphreys. It looked … Read more

Year 3: Homework

Hi everybody! Just to remind you all that this week’s homework is to learn your line/s for the Christmas concert. There will be no reading book sent home this week. … Read more

Year 3: Making Sandwiches (1)

Pupils loved making their sandwiches! If you are given the sandwich to eat, please let the child whose made it your thoughts, including any areas for improvement as they will … Read more

Year 3: Food Tasting

Year 3 really enjoyed doing their sandwich taste testing. So many pupils tried sandwiches despite not wanting to Incase they didn’t like the taste. Well done all. This will lead … Read more

Year 3: Reminder for tomorrow.

As part of our topic work for this half-term, pupils will be making their own sandwiches. Tomorrow pupils will be taste testing different sandwiches. This will lead us nicely into … Read more

Year 3: Remembrance Day

Pupils behaved very respectfully during our Remembrance Day Service and were impeccable during the two minute silence. This afternoon some pupils created their own Remembrance Day stamp while others wrote … Read more

Year 3: Sorting 3D Shapes

Pupils have enjoyed today learning more about 3D shapes in maths. Our first activity was to describe the properties of different shapes and the second was to sort them into … Read more

Year 3: Making our own clocks

This week in maths we have been learning how to tell the time! This morning Year 3 have been making their own clocks. These were completely blank so they had … Read more

Year 3: A lovely last day

It’s been a great last day of the half term. Today pupils have been busy in maths doing multiplication sums from the x10 tables and the corresponding divisions. After break … Read more

Year 3: Redrafting Instructions

Year 3 have been busy today redrafting their wormy spaghetti instructions! Well done everybody. You did a great job! Mr Steele and Miss Powell

Year 3: Next Week

Good afternoon! Next week pupils will be doing more work on ‘The Twits’, including sending an email and doing a role-play which includes freeze-frame. For our topic we are learning … Read more

Year 3: Helper Heddiw fun

Today pupils had a very fun helpwr heddiw session! Having gone over the names for the different feelings in Welsh yesterday (hapus, bendigedig, etc) pupils played a game of snap. … Read more