Year 2: PE

Today we practised our dribbling skills with the basketball. We had to dribble in and out of the cones with the ball. It took a lot of concentration but we … Read more

Year 2: PE Reminder

Please remember to come dressed ready for outdoor PE tomorrow.  Diolch

Year 2: Clockmakers

This morning we have made our own clocks in maths. This is to help us with learning to tell the time.  #Ambitious, Capable Learners

Year 2: Weekly Overview

We have had a lovely first week back. We have started to look at time in maths, reading o’clock and half past. The children took to this task well! We … Read more

Year 2: Homework

Book bags have been sent home today. Please note there are no spellings due to the short week next week. Instead if you have time could you please play hit … Read more

Year 2: PE

This morning for PE we worked on our ball skills. We practised bouncing and catching the ball ourselves before bouncing it to a partner to catch. We then tried bouncing … Read more

Year 2: Muddy Monday

It was lovely to see the children back in school today and we enjoyed hearing about their Easter adventures.  Today during Muddy Monday we found out about our new topic. … Read more

Year 2: Easter Egg Hunt!

Here are some pictures from our Easter Egg Hunt this afternoon. The children had a blast! See you all next term.

Year 2: Weekly Update

This week we have had lots of fun wrapping up The Great Fire of London and exploring Easter. In maths, we have looked at odd and even numbers and the … Read more

Year 2: Easter Treats

This morning we have been busy making yummy rice crispy cakes! We did have to have a little taste test of the chocolate eggs before we put them on our … Read more

Year 2: Homework

Book bags are coming home today. The children have only got reading books for over half term. There will be no spellings for them to learn.  Thank you 

Year 2: Easter Egg Competition

We would like to say a big thank you for all of the effort that was put into creating your own Easter eggs. The designs were fabulous and we saw … Read more

Year 2: Easter Yoga

For PE today we did Easter yoga. We had lots of fun chasing cottontail and the other bunnies. #Healthy, Confident Individuals

Year 2: Muddy Monday

This afternoon we turned into Londoners. We had to work together to put the fire out and save our city! First of all, we split ourselves into two teams. Then … Read more

Year 2: Weekly Overview

This week we have worked hard on our writing. First, we became detectives trying to find the features of a diary entry. Then we started to write our own diaries … Read more

Year 2: Muddy Monday

Today during Muddy Monday we finished our wattle and daub walls. There was lots of funny faces as we spread the mixture over the spaces. We were shocked to learn … Read more

Year 2: Weekly Overview

This week the children have worked incredibly hard. We have started counting in 2s and have done really well! We celebrated our values day by explaining how we can forgive … Read more

Year 2: Tudor Houses

Today we completed our Tudor houses. We put them together to recreate the setting of London and to show how they were close together which helped the fire to spread. … Read more

Year 2: Values Day Role Play

To celebrate our value of forgiveness we listened to the story of The Unforgiving Servant and we acted it out. We took on different characters and performed as a class. … Read more